Facebook is preparing for Bitcoin-like crypto

Facebook is preparing for Bitcoin-like crypto- Social Media is the largest platform of Facebook and Facebook also thinks something new every day for its users, in which this time it is preparing to bring crypto-currency just like Bitcoin. According to the report, Facebook has created a blockchan division, which was told by Facebook official David Marcus. He said every time like this, Facebook has kept its users in mind and is thinking of doing something for them, in which if they succeed then it would be very beneficial for them along with users.

Facebook is preparing for Bitcoin-like crypto

Facebook is preparing for Bitcoin-like crypto

Now you may be wondering what Bitcoin is, then let’s know a bit about Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

This currency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto on 31 October 2008. And it was brought to everyone in January 2009. Earlier it was in the form of an electronic currency but on 1 August 2017 someone has been cut into two parts Bitcoin (BTC) and The Bitcoin Cash
As I said, this is also a currency like our rupees dollars but there is a lot of difference between these two. They can keep the rupees dollar in your purse, you can touch it, it appears in front of you. But Bitcoin is a virtual currency that we cannot touch just store. And that too in our online wallet.

How much is Bitcoin’s value

It is used to pay the bicycling payment, from which you can also receive payment and send it. In today’s time, the value of a bitcoin is 520 640.39 Indian rupees (May 2018) and this happens even more.

According to Indian Rupees, it is approximately 45000 rupees. But as you can see in the photo, it was less than $ 400 in 2013 and went up to $ 1000 in 2014, then it keeps changing here.

When will Facebook make Bitcoin like crypto-

At present, the company has not shared much information about it. Facebook has said in a statement given to The Verge after the report of Facebook Crypto Currency, “Like other companies, Facebook is also looking for possibilities in Blockcon Technology. There is a small team for this, which is exploring it. At present we do not have to share more than this’

According to the people of this case, Facebook does not have a plan to offer something like quoine at the moment. It is worth mentioning that the blockchain team will work under new platform and infra, which is given to the company’s chief technology officer Mike Shoroffer. Currently Mike is handling Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Department.

According to the report, David Marcus was part of PayPal before Facebook, one of the world’s largest online transaction companies. In December 2017, he also joined the board of American Kryptonian Currency Exchange Coon Base.

The question is, if Facebook brings crypto taxation, then how will it benefit the company and the users and how it will work. It will be clear in the coming days. It is clear that Facebook also tries to make something new for its users every day, so that its users also get a lot of advantage. Now it is to see how much effort and effort from Facebook will prove to be effective. And how far Facebook can take it.
Now if you know about Bitcoin, then know about the little Blockchen also.

According to the video-

What is block chan?

Blockchain Technology is a record of a kind of transaction list (Digital Laser) which is linked and secured with cryptography. Each block has a hash pointer which connects it to the other block. This technology can record transactions between two people. The record information can not be copied in This database is on cloud so that it can not be tampered with and there is no shortage of space. Simply put, blockchain is a technology that works for Bitcoin too.

For now, just so much information has come up, but as soon as we all know that Facebook always does something new, it is hoped that this step of Facebook will also prove to be true and we are dealing with these benefits for the people.

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