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A call center dialer is one of the best tools to have when you make a lot of outbound calls. It is not just a dialer for call centers. It can potentially improve the productivity of your agent or salesperson. If you’re a start-up with only a handful of employees or a big operation, you can benefit from using a call center dialer.

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If your business is at that point where you need to start ramping up phone sales or lead conversions by make the outbound dialing process more efficient, this blog post is a great place to start. It can help you understand the main types of dialer automation software and help you decide where to place your next sales investment. Below is a quick guide that compares the call center dialers and also provides advice on when to use each one.

The virtual format of customer service system has taken the current call center scenario to a totally different level. The best of the ideas are the ones that are easily executable and make productive sense with the ongoing demands. Because if the customer services are not in tandem with the demands then the ideas of productivity and efficiency just go haywire.

Now, if we consider about the outbound call center solutions then the call center dialer has got a very important role to play. The outbound reach being made to the customers totally depends on the type and capabilities, the dialer has. In addition to this, Cloud has given strength to the contemporary scenario in terms of using the data, efficiently.

Auto Dailer (What is Auto Dailer)-

An automatic dialer (auto dialerauto-dialerautodialler) is an electronic device or software that automatically dials telephone numbers. Once the call has been answered, the autodialer either plays a recorded message or connects the call to a live person. It’s a part of call center dialer.

  • When an autodialer plays a pre-recorded message, it is often called voice broadcasting, or robocalling. Some voice broadcasting messages ask the person who answers to press a button on their phone keypad, such as in opinion polls in which recipients are asked to press one digit if they support one side of an issue, or another digit if they support the other side. This type of call is often called outbound interactive voice response.


When an autodialer connects an answered call to a live agent, it is often called a predictive dialer or power dialer. A predictive dialer uses realtime analysis to determine the optimal time to dial more numbers, whereas a power dialer simply dials a pre-set number of lines when an agent finishes the previous call.

Types of Call Center Dialer

A particular type of dialer goes with a particular type of a customer base so it is one essential part before you go for a dialer and that is to first understand your customer base and the needs related to it. Because one type of a dialer may not fulfill the needs of an another type of customer base.
Mainly there are three types of dialers – manual, auto, and predictive. Picking the right one out of these decides the well-being of your business.

  • Manual Dialer
  • Preview Dialer or Power Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer

I’ll explain you about some other type of call center dailer-

  • Preview dialerThis dialer is used to handle high engagement business calls. All Calls are initiated after careful review of customer information and requirement. It’s used when revenue generated per call is very high.

    Use Case –Inside sales process in which the revenue per call is quite high and requirement is highly customized. Example – In B2B lead generated from inbound marketing activity is limited and customers requirement varies for every customer.

  • Progressive dialerThis dialer increases the productivity of agents and ensures every agent is utilized optimally. It is ideal for small and mid-sized call center process.

    Use Case –Small and mid sized call center process used for cold calling and inside sales of a product. Example : In banking sector lead generated from website for credit card or new insurance policy is quite high, inside sales team productivity can be enhanced by using a progressive dialer.

  • Predictive dialerThis call center dialer increases the number of calls handled per day, increases calling time, and reduces the interval between two calls. It is particularly ideal for large sized telemarketing call centers.

    Use Case –Large process used for cold calling, telemarketing or to give information to a large customer base. Example: Telecalling for selling credit card or personal loan.

  • Smart Dialer

The Smart dialer uses a variety of algorithms to predict both the availability of agents and called party answers, adjusting the calling process to the number of agents it anticipates (or predicts) will be available when the calls it places are expected to be answered. While, auto dialer merely automatically dials telephone numbers for call center agents who are idle or waiting for a call.

Predictive Dialer
Call Details Record
Call Queuing
Call Recording (Logger)
Call Barging
Call Transfer
Call Monitoring
Call Forward variable
Smart ACD
Smart Messager
Smart Management
Music on Hold
Music on Transfer-Flexible Mp3-based System
Database Store/Retrieval
Database Integration
API Integration with existing CRM & MIS

Which Call Center Dialer is Best For You

When it’s time to step up into the world of automated dialing, pause a bit and step back. What works best for one business may not be the right fit for yours. Take a look at your operations and assess the best-fit call center dialer for your needs.

Are you making outbound calls en masse? This is typical for special offers on consumer items, such as cable subscriptions. Then, you might benefit from a predictive dialer. Just make sure you have collected enough data first. This ensures effective call distribution and less abandoned calls.

If your calls are often to warm leads and you end up closing the deal, then use a dialer that gives enough room for quality interactions. The progressive and preview dialers are good options. Or, you can actually choose a mix of dialers through a platform that allows multiple dialer types.

Making the most out of automated dialing starts when you assess your needs and resources.

What to look for in a dialer

Well, it totally depends on the scale of your business and who are your customers. A dialer is an outbound solution to make an access to the customers and it is an unavoidable part of a call center environment. And every business depends on the rate of connections made between the customers and the business service provider. So, the efficacy of the dialer is a matter of great importance. But more important is its relevancy.

For example, “if you have a customer base with the lesser number of customers then a manual dialer is capable of doing the needful”. You just have to have a list of customer contact numbers and the outbound calls are made by an agent one by one. The customer information is noted down by the agents and can be used manually further. Manual dialing is just a traditional way of customer service.

Now, if we look at the capabilities of an auto dialer then we get to know that it is enhanced several folds and the idea to contact the customers become more automated and data based. Auto dialer automatically dials the customer contacts and route the call to the available agent. The connected calls carry the sheer possibility of customer connection. So, this dialer can be chosen for a customer base that exists in higher in numbers and stays in the same country.

If we talk about predictive call center dialer then we get to know that it is a lot more intelligent than the previous two dialers. As the specific details of the customers such as location, demographics, time zones are taken care of by the dialer while dialing the customer contact. By an appropriate timing of dialing, it becomes more likely that the customers would take the call. A predictive dialer is much more useful for a customer base that is spread across several countries.

Manual Dialing

This is where most small to medium businesses start. There’s no reason to rush into a capital expenditure until you’ve outgrown manual. Allowing agents to choose who to call, on what number and when, gives them the autonomy and responsibility that many sales people need to succeed.

Power Dialer

This is often a company’s first step into automated dialing. Power dialers will automatically make an outbound call when an agent becomes available. These systems are inexpensive and there are a plethora of options. Going from manual to power dialers can seriously boost productivity and significantly cut down on dialing time. However, be prepared to experience a lot of idle time, no-answers and busy signals. For Talkdesk customers, AutoReach, available through AppConnect, is a great example of a power dialer.

Preview Dialer

Like the click-to-call option, preview dialers also allow agents to review all of the prospect’s information so they can prepare for the conversation before the call. This is often the best option for sensitive calls like collections, inside sales calls, etc.


If you already have a robust CRM system, integrating a click-to-call feature will allow your sales agents to just click on the phone number in your CRM to make an outbound call. It is slow compared to a power dialer, but all the information about the prospect is right there so agents can more effectively sell and upsell while on the call. Also, any information gained on the call goes directly into your system-wide database that your team can use to follow up on later.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialers collect a large amount of information about the agents handling calls and place outbound calls just before the agent become available. They automatically dial several contacts at the same time until one answers; and then transfers the call to the most appropriate agent. These dialers can dramatically reduce idle time and increase efficiency and therefore are great for small sales forces that need to maximize the time they spend on the phone. They can be more expensive than click-to-call options, but are well worth the investment.


  •  Do you get leads from various sources into your Crm?
     Do you want your agents to not have control over which lead is to be dialed next?
     Does the customer information preview not take much time to read/comprehend?
     Is it a cold calling process ( you can use predictive or progressive )?
     Can the lead segregation to agents not be done manually as there are more agents( usually 20+ agents )?
     Is the revenue generation based on lead conversion?

If your calls are often to warm leads and you end up closing the deal, then use a dialer that gives enough room for quality interactions. The progressive and preview dialers are good options. Or, you can actually choose a mix of dialers through a platform that allows multiple dialer types.

By giving agents the tools they need to increase the number of leads contacted each day, you already won half the battle. Data and statistics on the actual effectiveness of different dialers are difficult to measure due to all the variables, but you can’t argue with increased efficiency. The increasing demand for call center dialers offering more options is evidence of how essential they have become for contemporary business growth. When it comes to which dialer is best for your business at this particular stage in your growth, it’s your call.

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